Just Pretend You're Oprah...


I was seriously nervous before my live radio interview with the New Hampshire Brand Project, which highlights entrepreneurs in New Hampshire.

Before heading in, I texted a friend that my stomach felt weird and I had just spilled coffee down my shirt.

She reminded me that at least I wasn't going to be on TV.

This was a good point.

"I'll just pretend I'm Oprah,"  I said. "Or David Vendetti."

And with that, it turned out to be an AMAZING experience. I hope I get to wear my coffee on the radio again sometime!

They made it easy by asking me about a bunch of stuff I REALLY like talking about.

The interview is below.  For the quick and dirty version, just skip ahead to these topics:

  • 4:22 Interview starts
  • 5:30 WTF is barre?
  • 8:07 Info for future cult members barre beginners
  • 10:40 My sordid past
  • 16:20 Butts, young and old
  • 18:33 WTF is fit feminist?
  • 22:50 Is it my turn to do something great?
  • 31:02 Working out isn't all that fun
  • 32:22 Maybe don't eat that twinkie
  • 37:55 Why can't I just like yoga like everybody else?
  • 39:00 WTF is aerial yoga?
  • 43:00 The #1 thing that will change your body and your life

For real though:

If feminism is going to continue to progress as a movement... it needs to be much more inclusive, a "me and you" philosophy, not "me or you."


No "us vs. them."  There is no "them."  There is only "us."  We are all one.