Own It All
by Andrea Isabelle Lucas

How To Stop Waiting For Change and Start Creating It.
Because Your Life Belongs To You.


Can just ONE mindset shift can take you from hesitation and wishful thinking, to unapologetically owning your life and taking powerful actions every day?

Own It All has a simple answer to that question: hell yes!

If you can feel massive potential buzzing in your veins, but you’re not living up to it…

If you’re the friend who supports everyone’s dreams, while yours are withering…

If you worry that you can’t be a present mom AND have a thriving career…

Own It All is what you need. This book is one-part manifesto + one-part workbook + one-part interview collection, featuring insightful conversations with business leaders like: Ashley Ambirge, Susan Hyatt, Esther Fairfax, Alexia Vernon, Katherine North, Nick North, Kimmie Smith, and many others.

Over 8 zero-fluff chapters, Andrea Isabelle Lucas will show you how to claim your personal power, firmly stand in your ambitions (career, motherhood, health & wellness, all of it), and become the creator of your ideal life - because you’re done with waiting for permission!

This book is the cure for procrastination.

This book will zap self-doubt and playing small.

This book is a jolt of “I’m a freaking badass!”, and a practical guide to living life on your terms.

It’s time to Own It All.


"Full of concrete, incredibly actionable tips for setting goals and actually achieving them, this book is a must-read for anyone who's shooting for the stars."

― Sarah Von Bargen, founder of Yes & Yes


“Andrea is a passionate teacher of barre and life itself and her story will inspire you to attainable, real ways to own your life and your destiny.”

― Elisabeth Halfpapp & Fred DeVito, Exhale Barre founders, authors of the Barre Fitness Book


In Own It All, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s crucial to take the biggest risk you can stomach today. (Even if it’s very small.)
  • How to take responsibility for where your time is going, prioritize like a boss, and redirect your time towards the goals and experiences that really matter to you.
  • Why it’s totally possible to transform your body even if you’ve had kids, even if you’ve never been athletic before, even if you’re a total beginner, even if…
  • Why caring about your appearance isn’t “vain” or “frivolous”—and it definitely doesn’t make you a “bad feminist.”
  • Why most women underestimate their intelligence and competence, whereas men tend to overestimate theirs. (It’s called “the confidence gap.”)
  • How to release “mom guilt” and pursue whatever kind of career you want, even if you’ve got kids at home.
  • What it really means to “forgive”—forgiving other people, forgiving yourself—and why forgiveness is such a gift for your health, for your stress levels, for your spirit.
  • Why sometimes we have to do something “crazy” in order to release the past and move forward with your legacy.

Andrea Isabelle Lucas is the founder and CEO of Barre & Soul® (a boutique chain of innovative yoga and barre studios that are about to go national), and a keynote speaker who’s shared the stage with Michelle Obama and Billie Jean King.

Her voice is inspirational and down-to-earth. Feminist and unapologetic about it. Empowering, with a badass spirit and cat eyeliner for days.

Andrea has journeyed from a teen single mom, former stripper, domestic violence and personal poverty survivor, to the creator of a multi-million dollar business - her studios were recently awarded the prestigious Best of Boston Award 2018.

How’d she do that? She made one mindset shift that created a massive snowball effect, propelling her from one powerful achievement to another. Own It All is where she pulls back the curtain and shows you exactly how she did it, so you can do it too.

Sarah Knight.png

“Andrea Isabelle Lucas is a marvel and Own It All is a testament to her passion, strength, and ingenuity. The best part is: she’s ready to help YOU own it all, too. Read this book and be inspired and empowered.”

— Sarah Knight, New York Times bestselling author of Get Your Sh*t Together