Own It All: The Podcast

Hosted by Andrea Isabelle Lucas

Real talk with badass, inspiring women about how to stop waiting for change and start creating it. Because your life belongs to you.

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I'm Andrea Isabelle Lucas, founder of Barre & Soul, and author of Own It All. The Own It All Podcast is all about how to stop waiting for change, and start creating it — because your life belongs to you.

I'll be sharing real conversations with some of the most badass women — just like you — about everything from goals, to health, to style, relationships, and more.

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kimmie smith.png

Episode 1: Own Your Style

With Kimmie Smith

Coming soon!

Katherine and Nick North.png

Own Your Relationships

With Katherine + Nick North

Coming soon!

Susan Hyatt.png

Own Your Health

With Susan Hyatt

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katherine clark.png

Own Your Career

With Congresswoman Katherine Clark

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Sara Mora.png

Own Your Goals

With Sara Mora

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Linda Sivertsen.png

Own Your Time

With Linda Sivertson

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Alexia Vernon.png

Own Your Past

With Alexia Vernon

Coming soon!

Tabitha St Bernard Jacobs.png

Own Your Legacy

With Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs

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