Photo Shoot with Brian Doherty Photography and B. Fetching

Some fun facts about this photo shoot:

1) My family and I look like this every single day.
2) Fact #1 is a lie.
3) I was so stressed out prior to the shoot (for both work and personal reasons) that I broke down in tears while having my makeup done. The makeup artist actually offered to pray with me, which caused me to cry more, only because it was so unbelievably sweet. I ended up having two glasses of wine and everything was OK.
4) Fact #3 is absolutely true. I'm telling you guys, I cry all the time.
5) Brian not only captured some amazing shots of us, but he was a PLEASURE to work with, made everyone feel comfortable right away, and even brought a girl-power-themed playlist to keep us energized.
6) Keely of B.Fetching spent weeks finding the perfect outfits for the whole family to create something fun, edgy and non-traditional. Some of the outfits, like that amazing sparkly one and the Boss shirt were borrowed straight from her closet.
8) Brian was only in town for a short time, and because of rain in the forecast, we ended up having to do the shoot on a school night. Roman was totally stressing about his homework the whole time. He had to stay up pretty late to finish it, but when I showed him a sneak peek of the photos that night, he actually smiled, said they were amazing, and agreed that it was all worth it.

Photographer: Brian Doherty Photography Creative Director: B.Fetching