Weekly Link Roundup 4/22/2016

What's up, muggles? This week, my kids were kind enough to take me to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL. It was the best! If you haven't read the books in a while (or ever), I highly recommend the recorded audio books, read by Jim Dale. They're now available on Audible.com which is reason enough to subscribe to audible, honestly. I'm currently listening to "Bad Feminist" by Roxane Gay, a collection of essays that are insightful, at times funny and at other times devastatingly sad.

More links for you:

Why self care is so important. . . so easy to forget this and so important to keep making it a priority!

A New England bakery charges women less on Equal Pay Day

The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship. Although I can't imagine doing anything else, the pressure of owning a business is real, even if sometimes self-inflicted. This is the side of being self-employed we don't always talk about.

Hamilton to stay on $10; Tubman replacing Jackson. . . finally including women on US currency?

'Rage Yoga' encourages posing while cursing, drinking, and listening to metal

Vegetarian Sources of Protein. . . Staying full on protein helped me lose that last five pounds.

The #whenIwas campaign has women tweeting about childhood experiences of sexual harassment and assault, and it's powerful and infuriating.

Not ready but willing. . . Kelly Diels reminds us that we're often not ready, but if the willingness is there to take the leap anyway.

Calling people toxic is bullshit. . . I wrote it, XO Jane published it, and lots of people had opinions.