Here's An Easy Way to Spend Less Time Sitting on Your Butt

Want to stop sitting on your butt all day? Me too!

I'm spending more and more time doing executive-type tasks and less time teaching in the studio these days, so I'm going out of my way to make sure I'm not just sitting around.

After doing a bit of research on ergonomic desk/seating options, I became convinced that other forms of alternative seating -- like kneeling chairs and stability ball chairs -- aren't terribly effective.

I decided to give a stand-up desk a try.

stand up desk from ikea

stand up desk from ikea

I have to say I have noticeably fewer aches and pains when I spend the workday here instead of seated in a chair!

I was able to find everything I needed for my desk at IKEA, and it came to around $165 all together.

ikea cart

ikea cart

I used the GERTON Adjustable Legs. At $30 a piece, they were a bit pricier than the other models available, but worth it since they were the only ones with a max height of 42" instead of the other legs, which max out around 35".

I'm a little over 5'6" and I find it most comfortable to adjust the legs a couple inches lower than the max.

For the top, I used the white LINNMON top, which sells for $45.  It's over 78" long and perfect for two people to use side by side when needed.

I still find that when I'm using a laptop while standing it feels better to raise the computer up on top of a couple yoga blocks so I don't have my chin on my chest all day.  When I sit, it feels better to take the laptop off the blocks.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm not 100% thrilled with the quality of the legs.  One of them broke when we were tightening it to the desk top so I'll have to trek back to IKEA to return it at some point.  In the meantime, we used an L-bracket to secure that corner of the desk to the wall so that I could start using it right away.

metal adjustable stool

metal adjustable stool

In case I want to sit, I can tuck an adjustable stool under the desk.  I got this metal stool for $50 at Homegoods.

I also put a nice soft rug beneath the desk and I'm most comfortable standing barefoot.

I'm so glad I now have the option to work standing up!  Now if only I can figure out how to drive like this??  ;)

Have you ever tried a stand-up desk? How does it work for you?