Oh Hey! I'm Back, with News!

Andrea Harvard Studio

Hello from beautiful Carmel, California! I’m away this week but couldn’t wait to share with you a bundle of recent developments. I’ve been on a short hiatus from blogging to re-examine my priorities and mission, and decide which areas I need to dedicate my energy to most fervently in the coming months. The Barre & Soul community is rockin’, and we’re growing like crazy. So here goes!

Everything’s Getting a Makeover

You might notice the Fit Feminist blog has undergone some refinement. Things are a little cleaner and less cluttered. We’re playing with different fonts and colors, and working with some great new photographers to capture the beauty of our studios and community. This is actually just the beginning of a continuing evolution that you’ll soon see over at BarreSoul.com as well. I’m loving our new photos (sneak peek above), and can’t wait to show you more.

A New Studio!

Team Barre & Soul is on a mission to change the world through mind-body fitness. And, we want to create communities that foster substantive personal transformation, inside and out, to women everywhere. So we’re opening more studios! The Brookline, MA community has been asking for a boutique, world-class barre studio to join their community – so we’re coming to the B.U. area this fall! Look for more updates on the new studio opening, new member special deals and fun events in the coming months.


We’ve transformed the ‘virtual Barre & Soul’ experience with the Zoom platform. After testing live virtual classes on Skype, we decided to move to Zoom and WOW what a difference! Sharp audio, crisp video, so easy to join any class! I can’t tell you how many clients say they are amazed at how fun and engaging the live virtual classes are. You can’t get this with a pre-recorded video – it's a great way to keep your community connection strong and workout with the energy that only comes from a live instructor motivating you every minute of a class. Go for it if you ever don’t have time to get to the studio, don’t have childcare or just want to take class from the comfort of home or while you’re travelling. (You can get a coupon code to try a FREE virtual class here.)

Spreading the Word

I’m beyond excited about two new ways I’m advancing my mission of mind-body wellness and feminist empowerment. I’ve been invited to be a contributing blogger in the Huffington Post, and I look forward to sharing more perspectives and personal tales with their national readership.

Also… I’ve decided to start writing a book. This one is huge, and I won’t lie – its daunting. But it's a dream I’ve obsessed about for many years and its time has come. I’m currently on an authors’ retreat in California where I’ve blocked out the time and identified the resources that I need to commit to conquering this challenge.

In case you missed it, I recently got REALLY honest about my story on the Real Talk Radio podcast with Nicole Antoinette. I loved the podcast format so much, I'm going to launch a new podcast series right here in July as an audio complement to the Fit Feminist blog.


Wow – I feel like I’ve gotten a lot off my chest and I’m super pumped about digging into the work in front of me! Thanks for being part of this community, and stay tuned for more!