Links to Help You Embrace Back to School

Goodbye sweet summer!  I know, we're still enjoying every last bit of it we can get.  But back-to-school has happened, and the good news is, September is a great month to get back into a healthy routine.  Here are a few links to help you make the most of the transition.

Keeping limber and strong:

If you need a no-nonsense fitness routine that produces actual results and keeps you safe from injury, seriously check out barre!  I have been practicing it for 10 years now and I swear by it.  Ever wonder where the barre craze really started?  It wasn't just ballet class!  It was this saucy lady, Lotte Berk.  Also,here's an article explaining the benefit of doing body weight glute exercises, which happens to be exactly what we do in barre.

Feeding your body well:

If you want to get your nutrition on track after enjoying all the social eating and drinking that summer brings, check this out.  And also, I love local trainer Stacey Schaedler's blog, SO much.

Chasing your dreams:

If you need inspiration for tackling new goals this season, check this out.

Dressing the kids:

And finally, a few favorite back-to-school items I grabbed for Elise!  This shirt, this t-shirt and this sweater from Forever 21, and these floral sneakers from H&M are her absolute favorites.

I hope you enjoy finding your way into a new routine that supports you feeling your best.  I know for me it seems like change is in the air, and that can be stressful!  Here's to taking deep breaths and embracing change as it comes.  Happy "other new year!"