2 tips i'll use to help achieve my first goal of 2013

nicaragua surf

nicaragua surf

There is an undeniably cyclical nature to our lives. The rhythms of 'on' and 'off' cycles show up in our work, creativity, productivity, and certainly our health and fitness.

Of course, I do advocate having overall healthy habits. Anything we do consistently will yield results! With regard to physical fitness, if you regularly eat junk and don't exercise, your body will reflect this. Consistently do a decent job in these areas and your body will reflect this too.

But we humans also thrive on periods of intensity and challenge, followed by periods of rest.  Both are incredibly valid and rewarding.

Throughout the holidays, I fully embraced the joy of the 'off' cycle. I was skipping workouts, indulging in lots of sweets and drinks, and having a pretty freaking fabulous time resting my body and mind, while enjoying the traditions of the season and the company of friends and family! (Oh yeah, and going to bed with a stomachache pretty regularly.)

With the holidays past, I'm back 'on' in the area of healthy eating and exercise... Oh and the next big thing 6 weeks away on the horizon?? A VACATION!!!! Woooo!!

One of the goals I did not achieve last year was standing up on my surfboard by myself. I am not giving up! I've decided to immerse myself in a week of surf lessons while getting a sunny, exotic, adults-only break from the every day with my love.  We're headed to Nicaragua for a surf retreat and an adventure unlike anything we've ever done.

In order to bounce back from my indulgent holiday lifestyle (Yup, I gained 6 pounds in about 2 weeks!) I'm getting back on the wagon and committing to getting into my best shape by the time I leave for Nicaragua on February 15th.

For this challenge, that means getting to the weight that I know feels best for my body. I still feel strong and 'in shape' but I'm 8 lbs away now from the weight that makes me feel fittest.  (I want to be clear that I know I'm not overweight, or 'unfit.'  As a feminist, I believe in loving and living in one's body without shame.  As a fitness professional, I believe a super healthy and fit body makes for a more enjoyable life.)

How do I plan to reach my goal?  I'll use these two tips:

  1. Have a short-term by-when date (a.k.a. deadline). If it's a big goal, break it down into smaller ones.Think how effective runners can be when they're training for a big race.  I'm looking at this as an event, just as an athlete trains for a competition.  Our trip on February 15th is my by-when date.
  2. Have someone to hold you accountable.I'll be relying on my trusty holistic nutritionist Julie Starr-Wood to hold me accountable through daily emails of my food and exercise records.  I know exactly how I need to eat to feel my best, but time and again, I have found that I tend to 'cheat' when I feel like no one's looking.  She helps me keep my integrity until the results start to speak for themselves.

Do you have fitness goals for the new year?  Have you thought about breaking them down so that you've got something you can achieve sooner than later?  Feeling successful will definitely help keep you motivated to go further.

Peer pressure can be a good thing!  Who do you have who can hold you accountable for reaching that first milestone?

I'd love to hear about your goals! Just like Buddy the Elf with smiling, "Goals are my favorite!"

I'll keep sharing my progress regarding this goal, as well as what other things I'm looking forward to creating in this new year!

Till soon,


{beach photo by Alex Barth}