Weekly Link Roundup 2/5/2016

Lose those last five pounds! (Or the first five!) Back by Super Popular Demand, our Nutrition Jumpstart has another session starting next week. If you need a push to eat better so you can have more energy and feel great, this program is definitely one to check out - it worked for me!

Don't wait to live your best life, do it now. A Boston blogger shares her thoughts. 

Where DOES that resting bitch face come from? Science attempts to explain. And yes, it affects as many men as women. Learn here. 

Netflix is about to expand the #girlboss empire. Future binge-watching material.

A diet and exercise experiment to lose fat and gain muscle - Hmmm.  I definitely agree with the protein part. So they didn't experiment with less weight training yet, it sounds like. Seems obvious that 6 days of full body weight training would not provide adequate recovery time! Those dudes must have been so hangry and depleted!

Ice Castles! So cool.

My current status: snowed in and kinda liking it. Enjoy your weekend!