I’ve smashed through my share of barriers.

I’m the founder of Barre & Soul, a barre and yoga studio with 5 locations in the Boston area. I'm also a mom, a writer, a feminist and an entertainer at heart.

I began practicing barre in 2006, while pregnant with my second child. Less than a year after giving birth and despite being in the midst of a difficult divorce, I was in the best shape of my life – physically, mentally and spiritually. I had finally begun living in my body.

Today, I work to empower women to live healthy, passionate and joyful lives. I teach classes and workshops, and I write and speak about gender equality and women's issues like domestic violence.


Cred? I've got cred.

I hold a B.A. in Women’s Studies from Lesley University.

I completed my yoga teacher training in PranaVayu Yoga with founder David Magone, and I’ve taught thousands of barre classes since 2007. I've also trained in Circus Yoga, Aerial Yoga and even performed as part of a circus burlesque troupe.

I've gained wisdom through my own challenging life experiences – teenage parenthood, domestic violence, and divorce.

And in just 4 years, I've grown Barre & Soul into a $1.5 million business with a fiercely devoted following.