Change Your Future. Claim Your Potential. Own It All.

If you want to turn your past into a springboard (not a barrier) to change your life, this 8-week challenge is for you. Own It All shows you how to design your life on your own terms, from Andrea’s unapologetic and highly practical perspective. It’s time to own your life. It’s time to own it all.

The Own It All 8-week challenge provides a comprehensive how-to-guide for women who are ready to ditch procrastination and paralyzing self-doubt, live in true self-confidence, claim heartfelt goals and dreams and make that ish happen!

Join Andrea Isabelle Lucas as she provides an intimate walk through of this book and the tools contained within to help you alter the course of your life.


The Own It All Challenge includes:

  • Challenge Facebook Community

  • Own It All digital Implementation Workbook + Accountability Sheets

  • 4 live group coaching calls with Andrea

  • 3 guided meditations by Andrea

  • Bonus “Achieve Your Goal” meditation by special guest Margie Altman (Andrea’s coach!)

The challenge starts in early April. Don’t miss out!


"Full of concrete, incredibly actionable tips for setting goals and actually achieving them, this book is a must-read for anyone who's shooting for the stars."

― Sarah Von Bargen, founder of Yes & Yes

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“Andrea Isabelle Lucas is a marvel and Own It All is a testament to her passion, strength, and ingenuity. The best part is: she’s ready to help YOU own it all, too. Read this book and be inspired and empowered.”

— Sarah Knight, New York Times bestselling author of Get Your Sh*t Together