Weekly Link Roundup 4/29/2016

Hello! As you might have already read, it was my birthday this week, which got me all morbid and earnest. On a lighter note, some of my favorite bday gifts (from myself and others) were this, this and these.

This poem is sweet and sad and I just love it.

Woman in a wheelchair for years does aerial acrobatics, and its amazing. 

Meet Cause I Run, sustainable activewear that gives back. 10% of each purchase gives back to a cause.

Men Read #MoreThanMean Tweets to Female Sports Reporters in Powerful New Video. . . This is awful. Watch at your own risk; I couldn't make it all the way through.

Oklahoma Court Rules Oral Sex Isn't Rape When a Victim is Unconscious 

Helpful information for weight maintenance; this link comes from our resident nutrition guru Stacey Schaedler

Join our amazing community on a yoga and barre retreat in St. Croix! Take the survey and help us choose dates.