Weekly Link Roundup 4/1/2016

Happy Friday! I've saved up a stack of fun links for you, and looking at the forecast (at least in the Boston area) it looks like we have a few days ahead that will be perfect for cozying up and catching up on reading.

Umm. . . Are you a feminist or a feminine-ist?. . . Are you kidding me??!!! Shame on Oprah.com!

I absolutely LOVED listening to the brilliant feminist Kelly Diels on this radio interview!

Clear your mind by breaking your worries into three categories. . . Putting those concerns into three columns, “active concern,” “maybe later,” and “delete” will help you sleep better.

Doomsday seed vault, where all the seeds in the world are kept in case of global catastrophe. . . Whoah. Mind blown. But wait, who will have access to this vault in the event of an apocalyptic situation? Like what if the seed-guardians are already wandering around in zombie form, biting people, and the remaining humans don't know where they left the keys?

Warning! I cried when I watched this. A disturbing video that shows some of the consequences of the objectification of women

I'm not ashamed: Ariel Winter rocks breast reduction scars on SAG Awards red carpet . . . Damn right! Way to stand up to the constant critique of women's bodies and healthcare choices.

Working on healthy meal planning? One of my favorite, super easy recipes to get a healthy dinner on the table quickly. . . what are you eating lately?

What have you quit and not missed?  In case you missed it, earlier this week I talked about quitting (It can be a positive thing!) and would love your feedback.

Ever thought of being a barre teacher? By popular demand, Barre & Soul has added another barre teacher training coming up April 2016. We are growing fast! Stay tuned for exciting announcements coming soon!!! . . .