Weekly Link Roundup 3/18/2016

Be a barre teacher by this summer! Back by popular demand, Barre & Soul has added a 100 hour barre teacher training session starting in April!

Study Finds That Digital Assistants Do Not Understand Rape Crises

There's A Secret Emergency Number Hidden In Your Uber App. . . Pretty cool!

A Week In Brooklyn On A $91k Salary. . . This is a fascinating peek into someone else's spending habits. Do you track your own this way?

The Real Reason I'm Losing Fat . . . "The reason I can love myself through all these fluctuations is that I know the size and shape of my body are unrelated to my worth, but completely related to my inner experience."

Celebs speak out on fame and materialism . . . Is fame, wealth, and material success key to happiness? (I think we already know the answer to that.)

'If we left, they wouldn't have nobody.' There's still a ton of kindness in the world, despite what most of the headlines tell us.