Weekly Link Roundup 3/11/2016

My Web Time Wasters post on the amazing Yes and Yes blog!

The eyeliner struggle is real. Who's been there? Seriously though, I recently discovered THE SECRET to amazing eyeliner! I've started using the pot of gel liner and little angled brush and it works AWESOME.

Counting What Matters (Hint: It's not the pounds.) An experiment to mute out the word "diet" proves to be pretty interesting but not too surprising.

Here's what made Vice President Joe Biden's Oscar speech so powerful. Did you catch it?

Cozy white bohemian bedrooms. . . Spaces that make you want to snuggle up show that white doesn't have to be cold or clinical.

Grow trees, not graves. Have you ever wanted to be a tree? This end-of-life option helps you do just that. (Personally, I've always thought it would be cool if my skeleton could be turned into art, but the logistics of that seem complicated...)

Sweetgreen is taking over Boston! Salad for everyone.

11 Fashionably pink interiors we love. . . Obsessed!