Weekly Link Roundup: 12/18/15

I read A LOT of articles, you guys. (I may have 15 tabs open in my browser right now). Here are just a handful of the best articles I've ready lately. Feel free to share yours with me on Twitter or in the comments!

This is the best damn thing. You will never be able to look at a women's magazine cover the same way after you check this out.

If this is true we'll have to give up our excuse about being too busy parenting to meditate.

Am I the only one having Walking Dead withdrawals? We need to talk about Carol.

This is good stuff for when negative thoughts get the better of you.  I found myself returning to it a couple days after my original read.

Getting ready to launch some healthy new habits in 2016? If so, this is worth a read. And also this.

Oh, hey! That's me! This interview will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Barre & Soul's new virtual yoga and barre studio.

How DO you stay optimistic when it feels like the world is falling apart? These suggestions can help.

Bad Days are Bad Data for Decisions, because "A bad day is just a bad day (and bad data). It’s a deviation from the norm. It doesn’t mean I need to pitch my life. It doesn’t even mean anything’s broken." Preach on, Kelly Diels.

Baffling Vintage Christmas Cards. I laugh-cried my way though these.

Have a great weekend!