Is Your Barre Class a Fake? Find Out in my Latest HuffPo Piece

I'm so excited about my latest contributed blog on the Huffington Post, and if you're even a little curious about why I am so passionate about what's happening at Barre & Soul, check it out 'Is Your Barre Class a Fake? Why it Matters + How to Tell'.

I want everyone to understand what an authentic Barre class is all about, and how to recognize it, in a landscape cluttered by an unreal number of imitators. There is currently no governing body assessing which studios are actually up to par at the barre (although I'm involved in unifying leaders in the industry, in the hopes of creating one). So check out the article, and join us for class to see for yourself.

Our newest studio is about to open in Brookline, MA! If you live or work in the Brookline area, and even if you have tried Barre classes elsewhere, I encourage you to check us out.

We're bringing something totally new to the neighborhood, based on a fantastic community, focus on mind-body connection and a transformative workout.

Barre is going from niche to mainstream, and if you want the real-deal, join us!

P.S. Want to try a class for free? Email me at and I'll send you a promo code to try class as my guest!